Four out of ten Dutch people reuse password

Four in ten Dutch people use the same password for multiple services, such as e-mail, bank account and web shops.
This is shown by a survey among thousands of Dutch people that was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security.

A fifth of respondents said they would use the same password even for more than ten different accounts. If an internet criminal of one service knows the password, then in theory it also has direct access to all other accounts.


The sample also shows that two-thirds of the Dutch expect to be more likely to come into contact with internet crime in the coming years. Nevertheless, not everyone takes the right measures to protect themselves against it.

The survey shows that half of all Dutch people do not install software updates directly. This means that they remain susceptible to abuse through vulnerabilities in that software. Four in every ten Dutch people also regularly log on to a public Wi-Fi network. They run the risk that important data, such as passwords, are intercepted.

The Ministry of Justice and Security starts a campaign on social media on Monday to make Dutch people aware of internet crime. The action can be seen on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and can be heard with a commercial.